CPU e’ un evento organizzato da ESC a Graz (Austria) dal 4 al 26 ottobre 2008.
In times, when knowledge, awareness and research are increasingly
privatized and therefore controled (commercialized) by multinationals
and other interest groups, the debate around Intellectual Property
also contains another current: people, who don’t aim at earning
billions or political power by patenting knowledge, but who are
willing to keep their way of working, their art and their networks
open and therefore facilitate free access to awareness and information.
In public discussions around aspects of free development and software,
technical and juridical aspects are much more debated than the effects
on developments of the society as a whole. In the frame of CPU, we
want to deal with all possible facets of future perspectives and
developments of our society.

In this field, reflections on the used material and choices on tools
are as important as the media, in which an artistic work is realized.
What relevance does media art have today? Are media artists (also) –
as author Bruno Preisendörfer puts it – "people of no consequences",
at least as individuals? Who only become important in the plural (as
consumers, audience, voters), because they lack money, power and
knowledge? CPU as temporary workspace for 15 people from different
artistic and technological fields challenges this attitude: new media
art works will be shown now in Graz – as installations, workshops,
performances and lectures.


CPU Graz
Eröffnung/opening weekend: 4. – 5.10.

The shadow of frequencies
Agnese Trocchi – Candida TV, Rom, und Lorenzo Cassulo, 15multimedia, Trento
Einführtung in SOMASuite/Introduction to SOMASuite
Data Cadavre
Nanna Lueth und Hannah Fitsch
Untersuchung wissenschaftlicher Bilder im Rahmen einer Tagung über die Verdatung des
"laut, lauter, gebärdensprache"
Wolfgang Temmel lät ein
Karin Hofstätter; Linguistin, und Christian Stalzer
Mitarbeiter am Institut für Translationswissenschaft

schusslig 1.7 beta
Frank Barknecht with "schusslig 1.7 beta", a Pd-based game that you
cannot win.
Nothing Known
audiovisuelle Installation, work-in-progress von Andrew Garton

14. – 16.10.2008 during exhibition time
online meeting on topics of art and technology

OpenHouse I "Access" 17.10.2008, 19.30 Uhr
Will the Internet disappear?
What is this talk about ipv4 – ipv6?
Ripe, Lecture
Men in White Coats
Ju Gosling, media artist from London
PerformanceLecture und Installation
22. + 23. 10.2008

Technologie zum Angreifen / a hands-on-workshop
ESC wird LABOR, ESC becomes laboratory.
Donna Metzlar, Tatiana de la O, u.a. (in englischer Sprache/in english)

23.10.2008, 19.30 Uhr
Einführung in Gebärdensprache
Introduction to Sign Language
Teilnehmer_innenhöchstzahl: 30
Voranmeldung notwendig. esc[at]mur.at oder 0316 – 836 000
OpenHouse II "Security and Surveillance"
24th of october, 18.00 Uhr

Wir sind alle Terroristen. Innenansichten einer Terrorismus-Ermittlung.
We are all terrorists. Inner views of an investigation of Terrorism.

Anne Roth & Andrej Holm. Lecture (in deutscher Sprache/in german)
OpenHouse II "Security and Surveillance"
24th of october, 19.30 Uhr
A failed coup attempt with folk songs (Part II):
Digital authenticity and evidence in a culture of sharing

Computerscientist Seda Gürses
Eran Sachs
"The issue of architecture and sound is incredibly interesting and
relevant to me these days, as I try to understand the sonic aspects of
"the architecture of occupation".
Neset Özevin and others
Schnappschüsse über die Durchsichtigkeit des Lebens
Anna Loosen und Ernesto Rico-Schmid
24 – 26.10. during exhibition time

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