Relevance of “Back to the antipodes” in relationship to 3rd nature themes

“Back to the antipodes” is a project that enquire the collective subconscious and the planet earth as part of the same unit.

We all belong to the universe in a physical and psychical way. Our collective subconscious is connected to the energies of mother earth and, as human beings, we are one with the planet.

We acknowledge the environmental crisis and we reckon that if we want our species to survive we should dig into what lies below the surface and understand how much we are deeply rooted in each other and within the planet.

To enquire dreamscapes at the antipodes will show us the patterns of subconscious in relationship with different earth energies and human settlements.

We want to collect dreams from fields where there have been different histories of settlements: the etrurian area in Italy and the Maori and indigenous peoples in New Zealand.

The etrurian area in Italy has a story of urbanization since 680 a.c., while New Zealand since 1200 d.c..

How the different approaches and urbanization of the land affects the dreamscape?

Which will be the recurrent elements, actions, subjects or atmosphere at the antipodes?

How do they relate to each other?

The result of our research will be a scientific and artistic visualization of the convergence between the territory and the subconscius. We will mesh-up the tools of earth sciences and the opportunities given by hybrid arts.

Territorial maps in GIS environment will describe the way in which dreams springs from the land and the postcards from the dreamscape will visualize a 3rd dimension created at the intersection between physical and pshychical environment.

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